Week 13

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 13

THIS WEEK (4/15/13 – 4/19/13)
Website Integration
We have been able to piece the major components of our project on to our website.  With this development, we have a functioning version of project that can be shown and tested.  The majority of the interview footage has been uploaded, as well as the inforgraphics, sound effects, and music.  Everything is coming together, and we are very excited.

Meltzer Interview
On Friday, we went to main campus to interview Dr. Allan Meltzer, professor of economics in the Tepper School of Carnegie Mellon University.  He provided the necessary political balance for our endeavour by bringing a conservative voice to the table. Unfortunately, we will not be able to implement the footage intoour website for Softs due to the sheer length of the interview and the short amount time to get prepped for presentations, but we are extremely grateful to Dr. Meltzer for graciously sitting down with us.

Soft Opening is upon us and approaching rapidly.  It is hard to believe that the semester will soon come to close, but we must remain focused on the present, and that means being ready for Softs.  We have our protype ready to be viewed by the faculty, a short powerpoint presentation for background imagery, and our 30 second and 3 minute promos are now uploaded to our website.

NEXT WEEK (4/22/13 – 4/26/13)
After Softs and receiving valuable feedback from the faculty, we will continue to playtest and finalize our prototype to be ready for finals.  We will go to main campus and try to get some playtesters up there to try our experience and give us feedback.  We are so close to the end of the semester.

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