Week 15

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 15 THIS WEEK (4/29/13 – 5/3/13) Playtesting Over the weekend, we had many people come in and run through our experience to see both how the enjoyed the prototype, as well as find any bugs or glitches in the project.  The majority of our playtesters enjoyed our experience, and thought that the prototype […]

Week 14

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 14 THIS WEEK (4/22/13 – 4/26/13) Soft Opening We had soft opening this week, and presented well to our faculty.  We showed that not only we were near completion, but we were making a concerted effort to bring balance to our prototype.  While we had a rocky start at the beginning of the […]

Week 13

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 13 THIS WEEK (4/15/13 – 4/19/13) Website Integration We have been able to piece the major components of our project on to our website.  With this development, we have a functioning version of project that can be shown and tested.  The majority of the interview footage has been uploaded, as well as the […]

Week 12

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 12   THIS WEEK (4/8/13 – 4/12/13) Flash We have Have chosen to use flash as our main platform for our experience.  This is mainly due to the fact that we have must of that version of the website completed and will be easier to implement the assets and any necessary changes after […]

Week 11

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 11 THIS WEEK (4/1/13 – 4/5/13) Flash and HTML 5 Web Sites We have pushing hard to have our website up and running for playtesting purposes.  Our flash site is, for the most part, finished, while our HTML 5 site still needs additional work.  We are confident that we will have both fully […]

Week 9

MoralityPlay_Newsletter_Week 9 THIS WEEK (3/18/13 – 3/22/13) Halves Presentation On Friday, we had our Halves Presentation for the faculty so they could see our progress. We went over the achievements we have made, as well as talking about challenges we have faced, and in the end, our teachers were pleased by what we have accomplished […]

Week 8

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 8 THIS WEEK (3/4/13 – 3/8/13) Filming At the beginning of this week, we secured an actor and location for the corporate executive role.  By the end of the week, we had the scene filmed, edited, and implemented into a prototype website.  In addition to completing the first iteration of the corporate executive […]

Week 7

To see this newsletter in PDF form, click here.   THIS WEEK (2/25/13 – 3/1/13) Filming With the script being completed last week, we were able to get into the green screen studio to film the role of an Occupy Wall Street protestor.  We were also able to go out into the streets of Pittsburgh and […]

Week 6

To see this newsletter in PDF form, click here.   THIS WEEK (2/18/13 – 2/24/13) Script After careful consideration and planning, we have written a final draft of our script for the project. It seamlessly meshes the worlds of filmmaking and interactive entertainment to present the facts about economic inequality in America without being both heavy-handed or overly favoring one side of […]

Week 5

To see this newsletter in PDF form, click here.   THIS WEEK (2/11/13 – 2/15/13) Quarters Presentation to the faculty. We expounded on our concept of having the guest to our website act as an investigative journalist who is delving into the subject of economic inequality in America. We also showed examples of what kinds of transmedia we have seen […]