Week 14

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 14

THIS WEEK (4/22/13 – 4/26/13)
Soft Opening
We had soft opening this week, and presented well to our faculty.  We showed that not only we were near completion, but we were making a concerted effort to bring balance to our prototype.  While we had a rocky start at the beginning of the day, the faculty was impressed by both the progress we were able to accomplish and the depth of the information that we have included in the website.

The feedback that we received from soft opening was invaluable.  They were concerned that the site was hard to navigate, that there were loading time issues, and that it was illegal to the found footage we are using.  After Monday’s presentations, we have done much to make sure that we address these issues for finals in two weeks.

If soft opening has taught us anything, it is that we desparately need the input of players to find all of our bugs and issues.  This weekend, we are having playtesters come into the office and run through our exoerience.  They will provide invaluable feedback as to how we can improve our prototype so that it can be the best it can possibly be when finals roll around in two weeks.

NEXT WEEK (4/29/13 – 5/3/13)
After Softs and receiving valuable feedback from the faculty, we will continue to playtest and finalize our prototype to be ready for finals.  This weekend will be our proving ground to make sure that we have a great and fully-functional experience to share with faculty for finals.

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