Week 9

MoralityPlay_Newsletter_Week 9 THIS WEEK (3/18/13 – 3/22/13) Halves Presentation On Friday, we had our Halves Presentation for the faculty so they could see our progress. We went over the achievements we have made, as well as talking about challenges we have faced, and in the end, our teachers were pleased by what we have accomplished […]

Week 8

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 8 THIS WEEK (3/4/13 – 3/8/13) Filming At the beginning of this week, we secured an actor and location for the corporate executive role.  By the end of the week, we had the scene filmed, edited, and implemented into a prototype website.  In addition to completing the first iteration of the corporate executive […]

Week 7

To see this newsletter in PDF form, click here.   THIS WEEK (2/25/13 – 3/1/13) Filming With the script being completed last week, we were able to get into the green screen studio to film the role of an Occupy Wall Street protestor.  We were also able to go out into the streets of Pittsburgh and […]