Continuing Development

As we go into the weeks post-halves, We’re pretty settled on design. At this point it’s just a matter of pushing forward and implementing everything we set out to do. The team has all been on board with everything we’re doing, and putting our time and resources in place to support it all. We feel we have a challenging task to implement all the art and animation, but as we continue working we’re finding new tools and methods to make our process faster.

Kuk found a tool in Unity this week that at a relatively cheap cost will help automate the process of lip syncing our characters. Thankfully, it’s editable so we can go in and refine some of the lip and mouth animations when needed. We tested it out on a character and were pleased with the results. Below is a quick look at how it looked for our first test (please note: there has been no extra editing done, this is just the raw animation).

Finding this tool will give us a nice extra boost to helping out with animation. Since our team really only has one animator, being able to find little things like this is provide a huge boost to making our experience better.

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