Week 4

For this week, we had our 1/4 walk through and sitdown. During the 1/4 walk through we discussed our prototype design idea more deeply with our faculties and came up with some new design ideas.

There were two biggest challenges that raised by almost all the faculties we met. One was why using VR, the another was how to deal with too many animations?

We brainstormed it after 1/4 and got some answers.

  • Why VR?

First of all, it is our client’s requirement. But more importantly, VR is the right platform to do it. Because the vision of our project is to provide an immersive and interactable experience, which could help people arise the safety awareness and cultivate a culture of caring others.

Also, in order to duplicate our client’s working field which is always occupied and dangerous, VR is more feasible than 360 video as 360 video require too much on site to record the whole field. Besides, in order to make a highly interactable experience, VR is the better option.

Moreover, VR provide the power of being present without actually being the place so people would not be hurt even they “do something unsafe”, which is critical for a safety training.

  • How to deal with many animations

In order to reduce the amount of animations and meanwhile give a better experiencing of interact with “co-workers”, we came up a multi guest design which we will talk more with our instructor and client during week5