Week 9

For this week, we iterated our design based on the feedback we had from 1/2 and we also came up with the remote working plan.

  1. We came up with the energy usage design, the guest can only use the scanner for a certain times and after the energy runs out , the guest need to charge it. It would help the manager see if the guest is familiar with the site or not.
  2. We came up with the idea of giving the guest tips and information about the site in case the guest does not know where to look.
  3. We made the remote working plan, so we can working for home more productive.

Working arrangement

  • Remote working platform
Code source controlPerforce
DocumentationGoogle Drive + Randon
Realtime meeting/discussionZoom + whatsApp+ Slack
Project managementTrello (https://trello.com/vrsafety1/home)
  • Regular meeting time
Instructor meetingMonday 3:30pm – 4:40pm
Stand-up team meeting11am for Tue. Thu. and Fri.
(Mo would join if possible)2:30pm for Mon. and Wed.
  • Team core hours
Monday1pm – 6pm
Tuesday11am – 12pm / 3pm – 6pm
Wednesday2pm – 5pm
Thursday11am – 12pm / 3pm – 6pm
Friday11am – 12pm / 1pm – 5pm
  • Scenarios priority(Top5)
  1. Walking up/down job trailer ramp while carrying gun string
  2. Using bench grinder
  3. Refilling secondary containers with chemicals
  4. Using a pipe wrench to assemble/disassemble guns
  5. Picking up / laying down gun with dollies