Author: Jared Ettinger

a CMU ETC Production

Week 6

It’s Alive! Our big achievement this Monday was creating our first demo scene! Last week we put all our effort into making this scene, as it not only provided our first look at a scene on-screen, but also allowed us to get a good feel for the workflow that will carry us through production. Knowing…
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Week 5

Hello again, friends! This week, the Sirena team was making the last preparations to gear up for full production. Our aim is to have a single shot rendered and moving by the end of Monday the 18th, and so that’s how we’ve been planning out what we have to accomplish. We started the week by…
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Week 4

Week 4 was a whirlwind. We welcomed our new team member, Jared, into the fold! He will be co-producing with Kristy and helping with storyboarding, editing, and voice direction, among the many other assorted tasks production will inevitably require along the way (such as writing this blog!). The welcoming party couldn’t last long, though, as…
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