Get Closer

Game 7: Get Closer

Platform: Flash
Engine: Flashpunk
Development time: 3 days
Developed by: Michael Lee
Up to approach, down to move back, left and right to move around.

Inspired by Ludum Dare 23 48-hr Game compo. The theme was โ€œTiny World.โ€

A abstract puzzle game about the complications of trying to get close to someone.

  • Mike Christel

    Great pacing of action and music to send me through a quick but entertaining journey, one easy enough to get through while eating lunch, but rich enough to keep one thinking!

  • ย My favorite part about this was its use of color. Very nice ๐Ÿ™‚ And it was pretty challenging, too, in a good way.

    Great job being able to accomplish this during a jam!

    But overall, I guess I thought the gameplay and the text didn’t match up very well. The movement of the objects didn’t communicate much to me about the difficulty of getting close to someone in a relationship.

    My main aesthetic critique is the sound effect of the circle growing and shrinking. I thought that could be a bit more subdued.

    It was fun overall, though. Tickles the brain.

  • Ian Monroe

    I just played this in the Pirate Bay Bundle, and so far, it has been my favorite title of the bunch. Thanks for making this game! ๐Ÿ™‚