Get Closer released

What a wild ride it’s been! We released our final game for mindful xp today. You can play Get Closer on our own site, on Kongregate, or Newgrounds right now.

Thanks to everyone for your support and plays this year. It’s been an incredibly rewarding time developing all 10 games this semester. We’ll keep on updating with new postmortems and other new so please keep in touch! Thanks and keep playing!

Released: Scott Told Himself!

After a long hiatus on our 3rd game, we’ve finally put enough polish into it to release it! Play Scott Told Himself now!

While our project is all about rapid prototyping and getting things out as fast as possible (and also dropping things when we need to move on) we liked Scott Told Himself enough to take a break from it, and try again at finishing it up during our Spring Break (haha, but don’t worry – we weren’t going to be relaxing during our break anyway…).

We finished about a week ago, but have been putting final touches on it intermittently. We’ve also been juggling our individual games for the project – more on that soon!


“Exhaust” is ready for a test drive

Two games in a week? mindful xp is releasing our second game this week, Exhaust. To not spoil anything, it’s a game where you drive a car.

Exhaust was an attempt to do a quick pivot and see how quickly we could make a meaningful game. We spent a day and a half on it and focused on a single interaction. So play it on our site or Kongregate and let us know what you think!

All three of us are now off to GDC next week. We’ll be hobnobbing with fellow game developers and hope to come back a little smarter and re-energized for a second half of game creation. Thanks to everyone and their support during the 1st half of this project! We’ll be back soon with more exciting stuff.

“The Path Taken” released!

mindful xp is releasing our 4th game, The Path Taken. Guide a young boy as he descends into his village’s temple as part of his coming-of-age.

First and foremost, we’d like to declare this as a prototype, and not a finished game as such. Ultimately we’re leaving it unfinished in order to move on to another project, since we feel that in order to execute fully on our original concept would take a much longer time than we’re comfortable with.

While The Path Taken may not be as meaningful or elegant as we’d have hoped for, it does include some of the things we were trying to go for in terms of making a meaningful experience. Please feel free to play and comment!

Connections is released!

Our first (or second) project is now released! Connections is a game about finding, cultivating, and juggling relationships all the relationships in a lifetime. As you grow you are given the opportunity to form new connections, rekindle old ones, and decide how you want to play.

We’ll be talking more about Connections with a full postmortem soon. But until then you can play Connections on our site or on Kongregate right now. Let us know what you think via our new rating system or the comments directly on our page.

Spielen Sie unsere Game in Berlin!

“Play our game in Berlin!”

Or is that “im Berlin”? Is using imperative mood right in this context? German class was too long ago!

Our game R-evolution, made for the 5 BUTTONS Compo at Experimental Gameplay Project, was chosen as a finalist! That means that R-evolution will be playable in the STATTBAD Wedding gallery (inside a drained 19th century swimming pool?!) in Berlin as part of a public showing on February 17th, along with other awesome games submitted to the compo.

If you’re in the Berlin area next week, go and have fun at what looks to be a killer night of games and live music, and support indie games!