exhaust Postmortem

[As part of our project, mindful xp is committed to documenting our progress – part of that is creating post-mortems for our games. Post-mortems are very candid about game details, so if you don’t want a game’s experience spoiled before you play, reading these might not be in your best interest.]

Exhaust is a short flash game made in 1.5 days by mindful xp. The player holds space to drive a car. If the player lets go of the space bar, the car begins to drift off of the road. The game ends when the player realizes he/she needs to let go of the space bar and let the car drift off the road. The player is then presented a scene where the car drifts in an open meadow and the game ends.

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“Exhaust” is ready for a test drive

Two games in a week? mindful xp is releasing our second game this week, Exhaust. To not spoil anything, it’s a game where you drive a car.

Exhaust was an attempt to do a quick pivot and see how quickly we could make a meaningful game. We spent a day and a half on it and focused on a single interaction. So play it on our site or Kongregate and let us know what you think!

All three of us are now off to GDC next week. We’ll be hobnobbing with fellow game developers and hope to come back a little smarter and re-energized for a second half of game creation. Thanks to everyone and their support during the 1st half of this project! We’ll be back soon with more exciting stuff.