The Path Taken art and direction

Hello everyone!

As mentioned The Path Taken was more of a prototype and not a finished game. We had a couple of concepts and mechanics in there and not all of them made the cut. I thought I’ll like to share some the art that didn’t (and some that did) make it through and talk a bit about our art direction.

So if it isn’t obvious Zelda played a big part in the visual style. We thought a dungeon crawler was a good genre to explore the feeling of regret and I looked at various Zelda games as a reference. However there are some design choices in the game that made a bit different. Let’s take a look at this process shot:

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Project 1 visual style

I’ll like to take some time to discuss the visual style of the game so far. When we first developed the concept for the game it could be expressed in just simple shapes like circles or squares. These shapes needed to somehow relate to human connections in between people. In a sense it would be very similar to Rod Humble’s The Marriage.  So my problem was to come up with a theme that would match the concept. Continue reading

Developing our new game

Hey everyone, this is Mike. I’m the lead programmer on the mindful xp project and each week I’ll be doing some blog posts on how development on our games are going.

Because of the tight deadlines we set for ourselves with each game our focus is on rapid prototyping and getting results onscreen as soon as we can. Instead of weeks or days we need to think on the scale of hours with our project.

So here’s a little look at our next game with is currently unnamed. It’s going to be an abstract shooter with a special meaning behind everything you’re doing. We started today on the project and hope to have it playable for everyone by Monday next week.

Here’s a screenshot to get a sense of what we’re working on. As you can see right now we’re at the stage where there is just programmer art, but Dan (the art guy here) will be adding his own touches very soon.