Alumni Update – Chris Patlovany

We recently heard from ETC alum Chris Patlovany(’14) on his latest ventures.  Chris is happy to announce that he and some friends have recently established MithrilPunk Press and their first game Legacy’s Wake: a 5th Edition Adventure Path.  They are currently working on their stretch goals for the funded KickStarter campaign.

“Legacy’s Wake: a 5th Edition Adventure Path” is a campaign setting and complete adventure for the Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Game.  It’s essentially an adventure story for four to six players that lets them assume the roles of the central characters.  It’s set in a really unique world and was written and designed entirely by the four member team here at MithrilPunk Games, making use of the D&D rules set” said Chris in his email. recently ran an article with Chris talking about the RPG as they “start looking at the games that inspire the video games we play today.”

Congratulations to Chris and the rest at MithrilPunk Press on your successful Kickstarter campaign and looking forward to seeing Legacy’s Wake!

We love to hear from ETC alumni and their adventures.  Please send email to Drew or MaryCatherine with any updates you would like us to feature in our Alumni Updates. 



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