ETC Class of 2024

On Sunday May 12, 2024 the ETC honored 68 students as we held the 2024 Diploma Ceremony at Acrisure Stadium . Following dinner, with fellow classmates, family, ETC faculty and staff, the latest group of ETC alumni received their Master of Entertainment Technology degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.

2024 Alumni Award Recipient Chris Bell with Dean Keith Webster

During the ceremony, this year’s ETC Alumni Award winner Chris Bell ETC ’11, offered a graduation charge to the ETC class of 2024. The ETC Alumni Award is given to honor an alum who exemplifies leadership and innovation in entertainment technology fields through their engaging and inspiring work. Chris is CEO and Creative Director at Gardens, where he is leading the development of a new online survival-adventure RPG.  Before founding Gardens, he was a designer on critically acclaimed games such as Journey, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Sky: Children of the Light.  He also co-created the student game Way which was developed at the ETC, and which went on to win Game of the Year at the 2012 Games for Change Festival which celebrates games that create positive social impact.  Chris is passionate about using play and nonverbal communication to connect players around the world, and to inspire curiosity, compassion, and care in one another and toward the worlds we share.

Each year at the diploma ceremony, three graduating class members are recognized for their impact on their class, citizenship, exceptional leadership skills, and their initiative. The students are unaware of the awards, as the ETC faculty select the award winners.

Left to Right: The Tornado Award winner Angie Mendenhall, The Anne Humprehys Memorial Award Winner Jess Cromp and The Pausch Award Winner, Yuan (Sy) Suo

This year’s Anne Humprehys Memorial Award was given to Jessica Cromp. The Anne Humprheys’ Memorial Award is given in honor ETC faculty member Anne Humphreys’ who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer in recognition of Anne’s indomitable character and the fact that she was an inspiration to all who knew her. The award is given to a student who has made the most out of live by living with passion on the moment, and has a focus on community building projects which betters lives for others and in doing so influences others to be positive. During Jess’s time at the ETC, she’s worked on projects that tackled light pollution, climate change and social interaction.

The Tornado Award is given in honor of ETC Co-founder Don Marinelli. The award is given in recognition to the student who goes up against the status quo, the existing parameters and limitations of the entertainment technology industry and makes an impact. The 2024 Tornado recipient was Angie Angie Mendenhall. Angie’s work has included at different times an Egyptian tomb, a retro telephone, colorful umbrellas, a CAVE, and a window pane next to a bed.

Sy Suo was the 2023 recipient of the Pausch Award. The Pausch Award is inspired by and in honor of ETC co-founder Randy Pausch is awarded to the ETC graduate who best epitomizes interdisciplinary leadership through artistic, technical and interpersonal initiative growth and excellence. Sy is a great leader on teams and was an understanding and well-respected head TA for BVW.  He shows sincere dedication on his tasks, from projects to the National High School Game Academy.  As a result he has earned high praise, respect and admiration from fellow students, clients, faculty and staff.

ETC Class of 2024

Charlie Agriogianis

Jinkun Chen

Shiyong Chen

Patrick Cheng

Chloe Kyungseo Cho

Jessica Danielle Cromp

Jiani Feng

Kailai Feng

Weixin Feng

Varun Ajay Girdhar

Steven Karl Goehrig

Yuxin Gu

Jiayu He

Langxuan He

Shaowen (Ariel) He

Ezra Lawrence Hill

Eui Hyun Jung

Yu Xi Lee

Marie Leung

Jiaxin Li

Xinyu Li

Yunqi Li

Tingru Lian

Zijie Lian

Sheryl Cuiyu Long

Yicheng Lu

Angelinne Pauline Mendenhall

Randi Ouyang

Lauren Elizabeth Platt

Dmitry Portnoy

Jiacheng Qiu

Anthony Julian Alexander Renouf

Anna Salieva

Shuozhi Shen

Minkyung Shin

Haoze Sun

Yuan Suo

Liyi Tang

Chao-Yang Tseng

Pulei Wang

Qianduowa Wang     

  Shiyu Wang *

Shuyue Wang

Yue Wang

Yumeng Wei

Derek Heath Williams

Keyin Wu

Yuxuan Wu

Zezhong Wu

Jingyu Xie

Yile Xu

Rei Yamada

Tingyu Yan

Wenlong Yan

Ruoxi Yang

Zibo Ye

Ziqi Ye

Thomas (June Seo) Youn

Zhuochen Yuan

Xuan Zhai

Caiyu Zhang

Jiajian Zhang

Penghua Zhou

Cora Yilin Zhu

Yiqu Zhu

Zixuan Zhu

* December 2023 Graduate

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