Alumni Update Ivan Ortega and Bulut Karakaya

We love to hear from our alumni with updates on what they are doing.  Recently we heard from Ivan Ortega (08) and Bulut Karakaya (11) about their latest adventures.

From Ivan:

“For those who dont know me, my name is Ivan Ortega from class 2008, I helped startup LoadComplete in 2009, then joined EA as a Technical Artist. Back in April, I left to startup Alpaca Space Lab, a game development  studio focused on building fun, silly games and exploring incidental learning.  “The first game is a slightly educational physics-based dinosaur racing game “Dino Walk Simulator”, with Technical Art support from Roma Dave (2015).  Its basically simplified dinosaur QWOP. Think button-mash running from ‘Track and Field’ on NES with physically simulated rag-doll dinosaurs, rendered in low-precision ’90s era Saturn/PlayStation graphics. ”

Its already out on iPhone

Android + AndroidTV

Kindle + FireTV


From Bulut:

I have been working on a rogue-like(-like) RPG called Overfall for a year. It’s a game where you sail from island to island trying to find your lost king, but instead end up helping Elves sell perfume to smelly Orcs, resolving an executioner’s mid-life crisis, defending your beard-wearing rights in combat, and other similarly bizarre things.

Basically, it’s like Orion Trail – but not in space!

We are on both Kickstarter and Greenlight right now. So it would be awesome if you could visit our page and check out our trailers. If you love it, back us and spread the word! ”

Update: Overfall has been greenlit and should be available soon on Steam, and has 16 more days to back on Kickstarter!


If any alumni has any updates they would like us to share, please let us know by either using etc-misc or sending email to Drew or MaryCatherine.




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