Alumni Update: Shaun Budhram

From ETC alumnus Shaun Budram, class of 2006 recently told us of the game he and his wife hope to launch in December.  While the idea for the game didn’t stem from his time at the as a student, a lot of the skills he used in making this game started learning while going to the ETC – primarily animation and game design.

From his email:

“I’ve been working on a game for the past few years called PuzzleFlow – It’s a cloud-based, multiplayer jigsaw puzzle game for iOS that has 2 modes:

  • Cooperative Play – play with up to 4 players simultaneously with voice chat to complete puzzles at your own pace.
  • Battle Mode – Race against other players to finish your puzzle first – use Final Fantasy-style power ups to defend your board and attack others.

PuzzleFlow is an attempt to truly game-ify jigsaw puzzles with seamless multiplayer for mobile devices. If you wanna check out the trailer on YouTube.  We’re hoping to launch in December and it would be awesome if you would check out the video!

If you like it, please donate and spread the word!We’re running a small Kickstarter to spread awareness, as well as try to raise a modest amount to help with marketing.

Thanks everyone!

Shaun Budhram “

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