CMU’s hub for Computer Generated Imagery and Animation

ETC faculty member Moshe Mahler along with members from Carnegie Mellon Universality’s The School of ArtIDeATe, and The Carnegie Mellon Graphics Lab have created The Dopesheet, a website containing updates, tutorials, rigs, featured students studying animation at CMU.

ETC recent grad, Muhammad Mir (20) is featured in the Animators Spotlight: “I’m now an Associate Technical Animator at Oxide Games in Baltimore, where I just completed a co-op semester as part of my masters work at the Carnegie Mellon. At Oxide, we are working on an unannounced AAA game. My job entails doing research about different kinds of character setups, building rigs and animation tools and making sure everything on the character side of things works inside Oxide’s proprietary game engine. Apart from work, I’m very slowly learning how to sculpt digitally and transitioning from the more cartoony characters that I’ve set up in the past to more realistic ones.”

Some of the tutorials on the site include Image Based Lighting and Rendering using Arnold and Maya Basics & UI. Subscribe to the site to be notified when more information is released!

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