Once again the ETC students and alumni will be showing their work at this year’s SIGGRAPH 2016 in Anaheim, California July 24-28 .  If you are in attendance at this year’s conference, make sure to stop by and see or listen to their work.

 ETC student work:


Garden: Mixed Reality

From the fall 2015 semester students at the ETC-SV location created Garden: Mixed Reality

Garden uses Google Project Tango’s depth-sensing capability to transform the real world into an identical voxel world. By putting the Tango on a VR headset, players can walk around and interact with objects in a completely untethered experience, unlocking new possibilities in long-range VR.

Team: Nigel Randall (16), Vivek Vidyasagaranm (16), Wei Xie (16), Keng Hua Sing (15), and Chuck Tsung-Han Lee (16).

To see more about the project, visit team Gotan’s project website.

Imago: Presence and Narrative in Virtual Reality

During the spring 2015 semester at the ETC Pittsburgh location, team Hypnos created Imago.

Imago, a live-action virtual reality film narrative told through drama, dance, and abstract CG, is designed to explore the presence of a viewer in the virtual space and the impact this has on emotional immersion.

Team: Jaehee Cho (16), Chuck (Tsung-Han) Lee (16), Amy Stewart (16), Jack (Tsung-Yu) Tsai (16), Eric (Junwen) Chen (16), and Joel Ogden (15)


During the fall 2015 semester at the ETC-Pittsburgh location, student project team Kalpana created Injustice.  Injustice is an interactive VR experience themed around racially motivated police brutality. Guests witness an act of racial discrimination in front of them, forcing them to make moral and ethical decisions on the spot.

Team: Jaehee Cho (16), Elizabeth (Yeongmin) Won (16), Atit Kothari (16), Martin (Zixu) Ding (16), Tiffa (Xu) Cheng (16), and Stephanie Fawaz (16).

Alumni talks:

APPY HOUR, Wed, 27 July, 5-7 pm

Battle Z

Fang-Wei Lee (06)
Realiteer Corp.

The first multiplayer and customizable VR experience for smartphones. Players enter medieval time with their friends to defeat zombies rising from their graves. The game includes a level editor so players can customize their own defense fortresses.

SIGGRAPH Volunteers

Navyata Bawa (17), Shantanu Das (17) and Yiheng Zhu (17)

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