ETC Class of 2018

On the third Sunday of May, the ETC honored 73 students as we held the 2018 Diploma Ceremony at Heinz Field.  Following dinner, with fellow classmates, family, ETC faculty and staff the latest group of alumni received their Master of Entertainment Technology degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.

This year’s ETC Alumni Award winner, Jon-Paul Dumont (04) gave the charge to the newest batch of ETC Alumni.  The ETC Alumni Award is given to honor alumni who exemplify leadership and innovation in entertainment technology fields through their engaging and inspiring work.

The ETC diploma ceremony concluded with the awarding of the Anne Humprheys’ Memorial Award, The Tornado Award and the Pausch Award.

The Anne Humprheys’ Memorial Award is given in honor ETC faculty member Anne Humphreys’ who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer in recognition of Anne’s indomitable character and the fact that she was an inspiration to all who knew her. The award is given to a student who has made the most out of live by living with passion on the moment, and has a focus on community building projects which betters lives for others and in doing so influences others to be positive. This year’s winner was Rony Kahana.

The Tornado Award is given in honor of ETC Co-founder Don Marinelli. The award is given in recognition to the student who goes up against the status quo, the existing parameters and limitations of the entertainment technology industry and makes an impact. This year’s Tornado recipient was Julian Korzeniowsky.

The Pausch Award is inspired by and in honor of ETC co-founder Randy Pausch is awarded to the ETC graduate who best epitomizes interdisciplinary leadership through artistic, technical and interpersonal initiative growth and excellence. This year’s recipient was Miriam Harries.

2018 ETC Alumni Award winner Jon-Paul Dumont (04) Rony Rona Kahana, the 2018 Anne Humphreys Award Winner


2018 Tornado Award winner, Julian Korzeniowsky


2018 Randy Pausch Award Winner, Miriam Robertson Harries

Congratulations the ETC class of 2018!

Richard Enrique Weaver Aguirre
Timothy Dominic Ahene
Zhi Ai
Aaron Louis Albert
Mai Ao
**  Xiao Bao
Justin Noel Campbell
Longyi Cheng
Daniel John Cohen
Kacey Melissa Eichen
Emre Findik
Cody A. Fraser
Brynn Rachel Gelerman
Beiqi Guan
Jinchao Han
Miriam Robertson Harries
Sijia He
Beizhen Hu
Siyuan Hu
Chao-Yu Huang
Megh Vinod Jagad
Rony Rona Kahana
Jibran Abdus Zaahir Khan
Kyung Kuk Kim
Na-yeon Kim
Julian F. Korzeniowsky
Suk Young Lee
Mengyang Li
Peilin Li
Jiajun Liu
Yuxin Liu
Yuying Liu
Haoqing Luan
Heng Luo
Le Ma
Md Tauseef
Jason William Monahan
Rajeev Mukundan
Sunil Sandeep Nayak
Guangya Niu
Griva Patel
Pradnesh Nilesh/Neelam Patil
Bradley A. Plaxen
Yiru Qi
Camille Louise Ramseur
Feng Rao
Prasanth Iyyappan Raviraman
Jacob Lee Rosenbloom
Melissa Robinson Schoeller
Sharan Gokul Shodhan
Abhinav Sinha
Ramya Sriraman
Matthew Edward Stone
Xin Tu
Umang Wadhwa
Guanqiao Wang
Mengyao Wang
Ruoxi  Wang
Xueyang Wang
Yang Wang
Yuxing Wang
Charuvit Wannissorn
**  Christopher Andy Weidya
Jiaxin Wen
**  Yong Jie Wong
Zhenhao Xiong
Zhenyu Xu
Anqi Yang
Le Yang
Vaishnavi Yathirajam
Shuang You
Jiayang Zhang
**  Yiwen Zhang
Yonglin Zhang
Ziyu Zheng

** December grad

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