In an article by Danielle Lehman, CMU News looks at how the ETC projects from the fall semester, mixAR and Music Everywhere used Augmented Reality not just for play.

mixAR team: Eric, Eugene, Flora, Will

“The mixAR team studied how users interact with a virtual agent — in this case a spherical robot — to examine how an interactive agent can be useful, when it becomes a nuisance and how the robot could emotionally connect with the user.

“Right now the field is truly in its infancy,” said Hagen, the producer for the mixAR team. “Imagine a paramedic arriving at an accident with an augmented reality device that can provide all the vitals of an unconscious individual, saving them the moments they may need to prevent that person’s death. Dramatic perhaps, but one of the best examples of how we could use augmented reality to improve our society right now.”

Music Everywhere team: Seth, Byunghwan, Shantanu, Fu Yen

The Music Everywhere team used the HoloLens to help teach or learn an instrument. They worked with a piano to understand how AR can help engage users, demonstrate concepts and guide users through interactive exercises.”


Congratulations to the the student teams:

mixAR:  Eugene Chiong(16), Eric VonFischer, Flora (HuiHsiang) Cheng and Will Hagen(16):

Music Everywhere: Seth Glickman, FuYen Hsiao, Shantanu Das and Byunghwan Lee.




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