ETC faculty to present in the 2015 Havana International Art Biennale

ETC Assistant Professor Ralph Vituccio and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Director of Digital Media Andres Tapia-Urzua have been selected as one of only two Americans projects to present in the 2015 Havana International Art Biennale.   The festival will run from May 22 through June 22.   “The Oracle” is an interactive video art installation based on audience participation that provides personal interpretations of the past, present and future. The poetic divination game explores the idea of the uncertain and unpredictable through a cybernetic oracle. The content of the installation is experienced in the form of video responses (readings), generated through data combinations that answer to the interaction (consulting) of the participants. The project combines: data creation, programming, design, film, video art, and an esoteric concept. The ETC’s John Dessler, the programmer of the project, will be joining Ralph and Andres for this exciting project. For now the installation is only in Spanish with an English version scheduled soon after the festival.
The Havana Biennale is an international event which aims at promoting ‘Third World’ contemporary art. The biennial is an important forum for underrepresented voices, and Latin American and Caribbean artists still have priority even though artists from all over the world are authorized to submit their works.

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