ETC Student Project Accepted in Film Festival

ETC student project teams are showing their short “Lovers Meet” in the Fine Arts Film Festival. “Lovers Meet,” is a blended live-action/animated short film about a young man, Isaac, who finds himself inside an impressionist painting (inspired by the work of Leonid Afremov) on May 13, 2017 at the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center & Theatre in Venice, California.

a scene from the short, Lovers Meet


Presented by the Venice Institute of Contemporary Art, the Fine Arts Film Festival is dedicated to showing the finest films in the world about art, photography, collectors and artists of all mediums in and out of their studios, galleries, museums, public art and alternative art spaces.

The short was actually made by two different ETC teams, Para Production and FITYMI.  The Para Production team worked on the pre-production of the the film during the fall of  2015 semester while the FITYMI team worked on the production during the spring of 2016 semester.

Congratulations to the FITYMI production team of: Brian Matthew Beebe, Wenyu Jiang(16), Xiaolin Liu(16), Luo Yi Tan and  Chiao-Fang Chyu as well as the Para Production team: Rose Heid (16), Ruiqing Liu (16), Ming (Angela) Luo(16),  Qing Mao(16) and Tenghao (Ryan) Wang(16).


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