ETC Students to Showcase Locanimals at CMU Spring Carnival

PITTSBURGH – On April 10-12, the students behind the ETC pitch project Locanimals will be at Carnegie Mellon’s Spring Carnival to introduce the game’s new quest feature.

Locanimals combines a creature battling game with a check-in system, so that where the player goes in the world affects the world of the game. The new quest system allows players to check into a series of locations in order to win special Locanimals or experience points in the game. This newest update contains ten quests, half of which can be played outside of Pittsburgh as well.

“Carnival is a great time to release quests because both students and alumni will get the chance to explore Carnival events by playing Locanimals,” Christian Bruggeman, the game’s programmer, says. The team is excited to introduce quests on Carnegie Mellon’s main campus because many of the school’s iconic buildings are featured in the Carnival-specific quests.

During Carnival weekend, players can enjoy quests tailored to their interests, such as “The Buggy Quest” for students and alumni who enjoy watching Sweepstakes, to the general “CMU’s Carnival Quest,” which takes players to the most popular Carnival events.

Locanimals is a student pitch project at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center in Pittsburgh, PA. The students, John Baxa, Christian Bruggeman, Phillip Chung, Danielle Corporon, and Erica Hampson have been working together on this pitch project game since fall 2013. An additional ETC student, Jon Lew, joined the team in January to design and build the quest system, and undergraduate student Colleen Casey manages the game’s public relations and social media outlets.


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