Fall Festival 2018

Each year, the first Wednesday in December marks the ETC Fall Festival where friends, family and guests have the opportunity to see the amazing work done by our students throughout the semester.  ETC first-year students show their work from the Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) class, a tradition started by ETC Co-founder Randy Pausch many years ago.  Today, the ETC also celebrates work done in the Visual Story class, and second-year students have the opportunity to show their project work.

The BVW worlds shown at the fall festival are created during the “rounds” or assignments, and are all developed in two weeks or less.  Student teams present their “worlds” to a panel of faculty, alumni and industry guests a week before the festival.  The worlds selected for the festival then begin to create an entire interactive experience, including the world itself along with theming of the space provided.

Similar to previous years, ETC students worked with many different types of input devices to create their worlds, some of which include VR headsets, Makey Makey,  X-box Kinect and Leap Motion .  During the 2018 festival, guests had the opportunity to be a bartender in space.  They could also collaborate with another guest to make fruit smoothies.  These are just a couple of examples, but the ideas for this year’s worlds were limitless.

Here are a few of the worlds that were featured during the festival.

Do you want to be a bartender in VR? Please check out this fun experience that students created in 2 weeks 😱👏🎮 #cmuetc #bvw2018

Posted by Entertainment Technology Center on Monday, December 10, 2018

Again, Congratulations to Lighthouse team for winning the 2018 penguin award! #cmuetc #bvw2018 #vr

Posted by Entertainment Technology Center on Friday, December 7, 2018

Here is an example of the incredible work of our students created for ETC Fall Festival 2018. #VR rhythm action experience! #cmuetc #BVW2018

Posted by Entertainment Technology Center on Friday, December 7, 2018

#VR rhythm action experience!

Three players work together to explore the deep ocean with a variety of gadgets. Every player gets a unique set of instructions to keep their submarine from sinking, so they might need to shout out loud for cooperation. Please check out this BVW Game "The Unfathomed Voyager". #cmuetc #bvw2018

Posted by Entertainment Technology Center on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

BVW Game “The Unfathomed Voyager”.

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