Hammer in the Global Women in Games Hall of Fame

Jessica Hammer was named to the Global Women in Games Hall of Fame last week. Jessica holds a joint appointment with The Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and the ETC. The Women in Games Global Games Awards program was held virtually and live-streamed to attendees on Saturday, September 12, 2020.  

Jessica was one of more than 60 women to be nominated for the 2020 Global Women in Games Hall of Fame Awards. A panel of judges narrowed the finalists to 12, and public voting determined the top six to be named to the Hall of Fame.

In 2018, Jessica received CMU’s Teaching Innovation Award in recognition for her innovative approaches to teaching. In 2019, she received the Thomas and Lydia Moran Career Development Professorship in Learning Science from the HCII department. This year, Jessica received an NSF CAREER Award, the NSF’s most prestigious award for young faculty members.

As a game designer, her focus is on transformational games — ones that change the way that players think, feel, or behave. At the ETC, Jessica is the faculty mentor for many projects, most notably, the Commit to the Bits and the Commit 2 the Bits projects, along with ETC faculty Brenda Harger in which the student teams took a look at exploring the intersection of improvisational theater and Twitch live streaming. Learn more about Jessica’s work by visiting her website or The OH! Lab at CMU website.

Congratulations, Jessica and the rest of the Global Women in Games Hall of Fame, Class of 2020!

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