“Lyraflo is a student pitch project from Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center exploring the ways that music theory can be conceptualized in Virtual Reality. Leveraging novel interactions, innovative gameplay, spatial visualizations, and engaging mechanics, Lyraflo aims to grant musically interested university students an approachable point-of-entry into the theoretical building blocks of music. In order to maximize our discovery potential, our prototypes each leverage unique blends of educational content, entertaining gameplay, and kinesthetic engagement. We hope that our experiences satisfy guests’ musical curiosity, and that they emerge with an inspiration to continue to explore and discover why music sounds and feels the way that it does.

Project Instructors: John Dessler, Ricardo Washington

Team Members: Wei-Che (Wizard) Hsu, Noah Kankanala, Chih-Hsuan (Wish) Kuo, Yuji Sato, Jack Wesson


  • Noah Kankanala
  • Chih-Hsuan (Wish) Kuo
  • Yuji Sato
  • Jack Wesson

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