Week 6

This week ArchiTek continued integrating new assets into the demo of map design, iterating our map design website with React and working on art assets. After meeting with Yuan, the TA of GIS course, our team got some important information about how students finished their assignment and how the final layout of their maps looked like. Kristen created a folder called ETC_GIS, which included some students’ projects in the past years. According to the topics, project styles and maps, we will have a better view of map design, which will help us build this tool a lot.

Moreover, we decided to break down the map design topic into four parts:

Data selection, classification, beautify maps, and layout design.

In this way, we can provide students details about map design and improve their skills step by step.

Taking exercise with our tool, students first will decide which data to show, how to classify the data, how to visualize the data and how to design a layout.


Learned JS and react,

Learned html, JavaScript, react, Json


watching bootstrap+deamweaver introduction videos

Following tutorial to build responsive website