Week 7

Team ArchiTek is now deep into both the paper prototype and the website frame. As a matter of fact, we should give a shot to see if the digital prototype will work after inserting the maps and design in the web page.

The main focus of this week is breaking through technical problems and clarifying design in detail. We have built the basic function on our website such as folded buttons. On the other hand, we have also made further design for each step in the exercise. We will tell students a background story with certain goals for them to solve by making maps and visualizing data. Then students need to choose which data to use, how to classify, how to show the data and how to design the layout. That is much like the process of doing their map design assignments, in which we also give them instant feedback about what is wrong or what is correct with their maps.

As we learned a few week ago, JavaScript is the best language for us to build the website. Additionally, because we want to analyze further in where students always make wrong choices, we need to set up a database after halves presentation.

On the design side, this was a week of intense research and iteration on the educational plan in preparation for our plan to start implementing those features next week. The design will go through several versions before halves, and conduct playtest based on it.

-Team ArchiTek