Week 3

This week we mainly worked on improving the story part, and we also tried to have connect with sound people for composing our music.

We also paid a lot of attention on preparing the 1/4 presentation and made Google slides for it.

Here is our updated storyboard:

Lessons learned from faculty meeting

  • For 1/4, make sure sounds work in slides. Make pdf for it.
  • We “improved” the story, not “changed” it
  • Before show one video, explain why we are showing it
  • Show: what the story is, what are we going to show, what do we need their advice for.
  • Imagination part: movement needs to be slow and nice. Play with different contrasts, not pure white and black. Make variations of it. Pay attention to the transition to the imagination
  • Explore using environment, compensation to show the feeling
  • Start locking things: what are we sure we will have, and prove them
  • When explaining a decision, point back to story


  1. AJ:
  • Helped in creating ¼ slides
  • Created variations for current aesthetic
  • Made adjustments to the animation logo
  • Working on creating intro sequence for the film
  • Research regarding furniture and scroll for intro sequence

2. Chelsea:

  • Zither research & model start
  • Zither Structure Study

  • Start Modeling
  • Part of ¼ slides
  • Pre-production package rough sketch
  • Meet with Derek for task tracking

3. Keran:

  • Worked on making the ¼ presentation slides
  • Had a story meeting with Angela about Ziqi’s imagination part and camera work
  • Update project website and burndown chart
  • Had a meeting with Kristian and invited him to do sound design with us. But he felt that he is not familiar with Chinese music thus he suggested that we could find someone who knows more about the culture for help. We are keeping finding people for that.

4. Rosy:

  • Preproduction Pitch
  • Test shader on face
  • New storyboard
  • Work on part of the ¼ slide deck
  • Meeting with Derek and Angela about production and story & camera work
  • Character model:

(I want 3d print!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

5. Ruchii:

  • Finished the half sheet description. 
  • Working on 2D animatic from new story boards.
  • Story meeting with angela to know about camera angles and flow from new storyboards.

6. Isaac:

  • Progress in ink simulation (not finished yet)
  • Researching on approach to do multi-pass post-processing in UE4 which does not requires building a custom engine