Week 15

This week we were keeping polishing our animation, adding cloth simulation and rendering out our updated animated shot. Since we decide to change to Mandarin voiceover in the beginning introduction part , we arranged a sound meeting with our sound […]

Week 8

This week we had our halves presentation, which we present our project to faculty and students who did not know a lot about our progress, and we got valuable feedback from them. Then based on their feedback, we began to […]

Week 7

This week we were working on finishing our 1/2 presentation slides and the 3D animatic. We also did some experiment on cloth simulation with Houdini and blendshape facial rig in Maya. Boya Blendshapes: Lessons learned from faculty meeting think about […]

Week 6

This week we were preparing for our halves presentation, and we kept working on refine our 3D animatic, which will be shown during the presentation. We also worked our schedule to make sure we could finish the project on time. […]

Week 5

This week we were building a 3D animatic based on our improved storyboard, and we started prepare for 1/2 presentation which is in next week. Our latest animatic: Lessons learned from faculty meeting Let faculty know our thought process instead […]

Week 4

This week we worked on the pre-production pitch, and we kept experimenting with simulation and shaders to achieve the Chinese painting art style. Our poster: Lessons learned from faculty meeting The imagination scene doesn’t show the general looking of the […]

Week 2

During the weekend we finished our GoldSpike and animatic, and this week we began to pay more attention on story as well as composition. First version animatic Lessons learned from faculty meeting Need to catch the elegant of simplicity Need […]

Week 1

8/31/20 – 9/1/20 Pre-production package Character design 2. Storyboard Roles and progress Ayushman Johr (AJ) works as: Camera man, Look development and lighting, Environment artist For week 1: Art Style Research Research regarding shaders Proxy environment models for GoldSpike (WIP) […]