Week 2

Second week was quite exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. The exciting part was the process of coming up with concepts that would represent cultural competence but at the same time incorporating cutting edge technologies in the experience. With the input we received from our advisors, we put together about ten initial concepts exploring different avenues to convey the idea of cultural competence. The nerve-wracking part was that we are not sure if the concepts aligned with client’s vision in representing cultural competence. We put together a quick presentation, listed out the elevator pitch, user experience, pros and cons for each idea and presented to our client. (If you’re interested in our initial concepts, you can view them here)
Some of the main questions that we had going into the client meeting were:
1) Which culture(s) to focus on?
2) User-generated information – would we have enough storage space for the content?
3) Which technology to focus on?
4) Concrete experience vs. abstract experience

Our general impression after the meeting was that our client
Is very interested in incorporating user-generated content as part of the experience
Is interested in creating beautiful visual graphics
Not concerned about touching on specific cultures
Is interested in how the experience is shaped by the guests

With this information in mind, our team will have our second concept meeting in week 3. Our goal for this meeting is to come up with well-rounded ideas that incorporate visually appealing graphics as well as ways to incorporate user-generated ideas into the experience!

Team outing at DiAnoia’s Eatery!

P.s. Kaleidoscope had its very first team outing at DiAnoia’s Eatery, a homey Italian restaurant with homemade pastas! Highly recommend anyone who lives in Pittsburgh or will visit to give it a shot!

The Kaleidoscope Team