Week 4

Week four is one of an important milestones for our project. We presented our initial concept to majority of the faculties in 15-minute intervals. Below we will walk you through the point of views from the guests’ perspectives and scenes that they might see in the experience.

Guests can see silhouette of things and hear the interactions but won’t be able to see anything clearly
Once the guests have their gaze fixated on an area, the scene will be lit up.
Guests will continue until every scene is lit
In additional to viewing the individual scenes, guests can explore in more details with certain objects by looking them.

Below listed are the key feedback that we received from the faculties:
– Which culture are we focusing on?
– What interactions will the guests be doing?
– What do we want the guests to get out of the experience (goal)?

Based on the feedback we received, our team realized that one of the biggest problems we are facing is to come up with a take-away that’s S.M.A.R.TSpecific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Over the weekend, the team came up with a take-away that we believe would guide us in the right direction
“After completing the experience, we’d like the guests to reflect on how their own expectations or culture affects their perspective. In addition, we hope that they could approach unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations with an open-mind”

By using this take-away as a guideline, the team came up with the storyline below.

Our guest is the management staff of an apartment building. He’s accommodating 3 new residents this week who are from different countries. Our guest is going to welcome them to join the community.


We will be discussing this storyline and refining the meaningful interactions with our client and advisors in Week 5! Stay tuned 🙂

The Kaleidoscope Team