Development: Week 5

This week was spent developing a new iteration of our concept. We fleshed out the basic flow and structure of a guest through our experience, from start to finish and pitched the new concept to our client, who green lighted the idea.

There was a definite sense of purpose and direction in the team’s work this week… and what little frustrations that had built over our creative block have since dissipated. This week marks the transition from a concept phase into pre-production— meaning that we have locked on the new basic premise and topic of our experience and will be moving forward on it. Let’s take a moment to review the new setup and structure:


An immersive CAVE like space with three projectors: front, left, and right– with almost wall to wall screen coverage.  HTC Vive for controller tracking (No HMD), and a Volumetric Camera for volumetric capture of guest.

The overall floorplan of the Askwith Kenner Global Culture and Languages Room

Check out the storyboard that Wei and Ju have worked on: