Week 8

Hello! And welcome back to Kaleidoscope’s development blog! This week is a special week for us as we crossed a huge milestone for our project – the Half Presentation! For those who are not familiar with our program, during week 8 of the semester is where the presentations happened. Every group has 15 minutes to present follow by a 5-min Q&A from the audience. This is an opportunity for all the groups to present and showcase what they’ve accomplished and to get feedback from the faculty.
If you’d like to see the whole presentation video, you can see it here. However, I’ve included a few pages from the presentation that will help highlight what we’ve accomplished.

5 stages of the experience
User experience techniques
Characters representation

At the end of this week, we received feedback for our presentation and product which we’ve summarized below:

  • The five stage model seems interesting
  • The idea and design are ambitious, a nice improvement over initial ideas
  • Different visual styles is intriguing

Need improvements:

  • Level of your research around the work on stereotyping
  • Wasn’t clear if the user is doing this experience by themselves (or can the public view this while it’s happening)
  • Need to better understand a realistic sense of the user
  • Need to be careful of how they could change the experience if the experience doesn’t come out the way we want it to

With this feedback in mind, team will be thinking through the solutions as well as the focus on the project as we head into Spring Break. Stay tuned!

Kaleidoscope Team