Week 13 News Letter

During the soft opening, we received polarized feedback from faculties. Some of them really love it, but some of them feeling that it was too overwhelming and don’t understand the design. In order to improve our game, we’ve set up a list to do on google drive to track the progress from soft opening to finals. Here are the feedbacks we got:

  • Very polarizing discussion: some faculty really enjoyed the experience (e.g., to move in physical space and see and change a VR world through such movement), other faculty were annoyed (what should I be doing?), other faculty frustrated (it is broken…. …again….).
  • Not clear why some actions are being done, e.g., hands-up for drums are also there to keep you recognized as the player skeleton by the system.
  • Many pluses for those who experienced it, but many questions about reliability.


And upon this week, we’ve fixed most of the minor bugs, and now we are looking toward to modify some game features so player won’t feel too overwhelmed in our game. For example, we are going to remove the stairs and use the elevator instead. And there will also be more time between levels and before game starts.

In general, we are in a good shape and are going to finalize our game next week.