Week 12 News Letter

Game Design:


This week I focused on the indirect control method we found worked on our last playtest. I created 5 different images representing the final look of the design. I also did a shader to facilitate this design.

I tested everything the developers were doing to see how the design was being implemented and what we could change for the playtest on friday.


For example the feedback the user gets when stepping on the correct/wrong key.




improved the recording.


This week I polished the indirect control method as Maria’s design, implement the function that player can walk up the tower and helped remove/add any necessary environment element that helped the game.


This week Michael focused on the effect to enhance the visual feedback of the game.

Michael uses particle and mesh of number to create a scoring effect to help people know how good their play is.

Michael also build a trace bubble to visualize the trace of notes to help player notice the order of the coming notes.

Apart from those, Michael helped other programmers to test and debug things and helped artist to move things forward faster.