Week 10 News Letter

This week, Project Molecap is busy working to make one runnable prototype for our final product. We’ve come up with an idea about playing piano on a spiral world, and the previous plays by the player will be recording, so that all of the recordings can combine in the end to become a one man acapella. By the end of Friday, we’ve made up a prototype that provides audio feedback when player stepped on the yellow shining tile, and tested on Saturday.


Most of our software and hardware are stable and durable now, however we’ve encountered a new tech issue, which is our console in Motion Capture room sometimes will not be able to turn on. We haven’t found the exact reason yet, but we plan to have a client meeting with Steve and Jon to figure out the reason why our computer kept malfunctioning.


On the playtest day, all of our six members devoted themselves in assisting the playtest. At the first, Fan and Michael are busy building a substitution console in Motion Capture room, Maria is the one who directly interact with playtesters so that they won’t feel bored, Jiaqi leads the playtester to next spot and welcome them from the previous one, Joseph and K are setting up playtest without Motion Capture in project room. At last, we got everything works, and got tons of valuable feedback.

Our game design is now stored under Google Drive in game design folder. We have also concluded some points in playtest. Now we are ready for sprints and prepare to create something amazing.