Week 7

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THIS WEEK (2/25/13 – 3/1/13)


With the script being completed last week, we were able to get into the green screen studio to film the role of an Occupy Wall Street protestor.  We were also able to go out into the streets of Pittsburgh and interview random people about their stance on the economic downturn and how it affects them personally.  These two filming sessions, along with completing our intro video, mark major milestones for our project in that we took the first step toward our final deliverable.

Web Progress

A flow chart has been completed so we can lay out a skeleton website.  We were also able to integrate a feature that allows our website to send text messages to users.  This will allow us to draw our user into the experience and help immerse them into a transmedia experience, as opposed to simply visiting a website.

Presentation with Client

The undergraduates from the Philosophy class came down to the ETC building from main campus.  They wanted to check on our progress and to see how we could utilize them for our project.  We have tasked them with supplying us with specific research information to populate our info graphics.  The undergraduates offered their insight and suggestions

NEXT WEEK (3/4/13 – 3/8/13)

We will scout film locations for the corporate executive and for the editor scenes.  UI design should be finished by the end of the week as well as the first working info graphic (with the information given to us by the team of undergraduates).  We also plan on getting more street interviews to add to our available assets.

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