Week 9

MoralityPlay_Newsletter_Week 9

THIS WEEK (3/18/13 – 3/22/13)
Halves Presentation
On Friday, we had our Halves Presentation for the faculty so they could see our progress. We went over the achievements we have made, as well as talking about challenges we have faced, and in the end, our teachers were pleased by what we have accomplished so far. They were concerned that the amount of filming and edting in the next few weeks is going to make us run down to the wire in terms of time, but we assuaged them that we will get everything done.

Good News, Everyone!
We were able to contact Hedrick Smith, one of the authors of the books we read for research, and he has told us that he would not mind being interviewed for our project. We will be potentially going down to Washington D.C. to conduct the interview and then incorporate it into our transmedia piece. He will not only present great information on the subject matter, but will also
lend credence to our endeavor. This is extremely exciting news and we happy to know that we now have a valuable assest to our project.
NEXT WEEK (3/25/13 – 3/29/13)
While most of us will halfway across the country at the Game Developers Conference, Bjorn and Jim will remain in town to help further our goals for the project. Those of us who are going to the conference will also be contributing by helping to prepare questions for interviews. We will try to find a way to fit our interviews of actors, real people, and Mr. Smith into the
schedule and not overburden ourselves. We look forward to what awaits us for the rest of the semester.

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