Feedback and adjustments

With every project, changes often come around feedback. Particularly around half presentations, teams make a lot of adjustments to projects based around faculty feedback. Our halves were no different. After our presentation faculty gave us a lot of valuable feedback on what we were making. There was a variety of opinions about our project, and some of the various aspects we were looking at and working on. For example, one piece of feedback was that our project was pushing the edge of the “uncanny valley,” which “suggests that humanoid objects which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit uncanny, or strangely familiar, feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers.” To address this particular issue, our animator, Jin, began working on how to make adjustments to the animations to minimize the effect. He and Kuk also worked together on refining the art style to better communicate the feel, and move away from the feel of the uncanny valley.

Part of halves is also getting feedback from peers, the other students in the program. After our presentation, we received a lot of feedback from students particularly around the art style and how impressive it was that we were able to make the amount of assets and animations we were in the short time we had. For the characters, Kuk did a wonderful job with modeling characters, and rigging them in a way that it could be shared across all the characters. This means that it cut down an impressive amount of time that would normally be spent rigging each of the characters, and allows for more time to refine the art style and make adjustments to the models as needed. Considering our project only has two 3D artists working on it, every chance to cut down on time-consuming work is greatly needed.

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