Setting up to Build

Last week our team launched into the production of our project. There were a few thing that needed to be nailed down, so we started there. First we needed a draft of the script. We went through the scenarios given to us by our client and noted the characters, setting, and tone that was in the first scenario. Leona started the first draft of the script, and was able to finish the first draft in the first couple days. Then she left to go to a conference because her team from last semester was presenting their project at IndieCade.

Kuk began to model the characters needed for the scenes. Unfortunately, character modeling is a slow process and with several characters in the scene, it has taken time to get up to production speed since the modeling, texturing, and rigging fall on to Kuk to get done. The bright side is that Kuk is one of the top 3D artists in our program, and has been working very hard to make very good quality characters that will be in a good state for them to be passed to Jin for placement and animation.

Speaking of Jin, his week was spent prepping the scene for characters and items. He’s done some animatic work to set himself up for when all the character models are finished. Setting up the scene and working on getting the camera work right has been time consuming as well. Since we want the project to communicate effectively about diversity, there’s a lot of thought that has to go into how we set up the scene and how we show it to the audience. We want to make sure we’re hitting the tone right while using our style in an effective method.

Mengyao has been doing working on the UI for our experience and made a couple mock ups of what it might look like. She’s been working a bit with Roxy who has been building out some of the back end integration to a web server. They expect to have something up and working for halves, that would be a good demo of how the questions would be presented and responded to during the presentation.

Moving into next week, we’ll be working on continuing to build out assets and the scenes as we continue working on our first scenario.

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