On the faculty meeting on Monday, we first share our research on exercise bike input. Based on the price and functionality, we choose to purchase the sensors (which could only provide info about cadence) and a pedal just for prototyping use.

Possible hardware options Possible hardware optPossible hardware options

For the design part, we add more details to the three brainstorm ideas. The first one is “Circus Adventure” – players are required to ride a unicycle on a string. Players have to keep balance and try to stop within certain area.

flow chart for “circus adventure”circus adventure””flow chart for “circus adventure”

The second one is about combining the traditional rhythm game with exercise bike. Players use their bike (speed/directionality) to as input to the game. Faculty advisors suggust us to think more about how to translate the activity on exercise bike into game input, since players will more likely maintain at certain speed range. The last one we have is an endless runner games (reference: Temple Run). In this one it’s easier for us to match the game experience with a loss weight cycling plan – players will start off pedaling at a low intensity for 5-10 mins, then switch to medium intensity for 3-5 mins and cool down, etc.

For the art part, we have our inital world design, including a 360 loop trail that we all think will be appealing to players.

world design world design world design world design world design

For the tech part, we can now get input from both keyboard and mobile position info. We will use these two methods to build a prototype based on the unicycle idea we have during the following week.

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