Soft openings this week gave us the oppurtunity to share our work with faculty and to receive some professional feedback on what we could improve during the last two weeks. After 5 rounds of walk through, below are the main points that got brought up:

  • Need to replace mobile phone videos with desktop videos, it’s unclear in our video right now if it’s mobile or desktop.
  • In the minigame experience, move the tempo bar further down on the screen since it’s currently blocking the monkey model.
  • Hard to see the notes below the horizon line. Need to have more color contrast.
  • We should consider having additional input like heart rate, or maybe interact with other hardware like FitBit.
  • Need to have our results ready for final.

We refined our minigame experience based on the feedback, below is the demo video with new visuals:

We are also excited to announce our first official commercial! Check it out below:

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