Week 4 Newsletter

Since last week, we had several meetings with Dreamcatcher team, Bandito Brothers and Emotive team, we had more clear ideas about this project. Then, we decided to have the step one. Regardless of the actual game design and game play, we have to complete the game->Dreamcatcher->game cycle. Therefore, we will have to build the data collection mechanism. We have our programmers building the Demo 2.0, where data will be collected on each of the four tires and formed in the Dreamcatcher way, for Quarter walk through in week 5. We were also making research on how to decompose the suspension forces to A-arm forces, and once this process is done, we can collect real data in the game and export to a Dreamcatcher package.

In addition to that, we builtĀ a test facility first, in order to simulate the free falling down experiment. Without the interferes from engines and drivers, this is the most straightforward point to start with. We were also in an agile development module to generate very basic data for our Dreamcatcher researchers to experiment.

Other than that, we were working hardly on our branding materials. Angela and Aiden made very fancy posters and logos, and Eric and Feiran worked on the project description. Big thanks to all the team members and the posters are as the following:


What’s more, we also prepared for the elevator pitch, which is to describe the project in 2 minutes and let people be interested in it. On top of the project description, we thought many ways about how to describe the project more vividly. We decided to use some hints from how Hack Rod introduced their project, like how do three kids build a car factory, to get people’s attention in a very short amount of time. We will also provide them the website link so they can check this out if they are interested.