Beginner: A Beginner’s Game

Step by step guide

In this tutorial, we are going to make a simple “open the door with the key” game. In the game, the player needs to pick up the key from the floor to unlock the door. By going through the unlocked door into a second room, the player wins.

Step 1: Create a new project and name it.

Step 2: Choose a backdrop image from the gallery and drag it to the canvas area

Step 3: Drag a door from the Entrances category to the canvas.

Step 4: Drag a key from the Keys category to the canvas.

Step 5: Add a new scene by clicking the Add New Scene button below the asset list at the top left, name it Room 2, and give it a backdrop image.

Step 6: Click on the puzzle editor tab on top, then click the add button at the bottom right corner to make a new puzzle.

Step 7: In the puzzle editor, make a puzzle to get the key. Under the “The goal is to”, click “Get an Item”. Under “The item is”, click your key. Under “achieving the goal”, click “by picking it up”. Click the “Looks Good” button.

Step 8: In the puzzle editor, make another puzzle to go to Room 2 through the locked door. Under the “goal”, click “Go to a Scene”. Under “new scene”, click “Room 2”. Under “achieving the goal”, click “by entering through an entrance”. Under “entrance”, click your door. Under “Is it locked”, click “yes”. Under “how to unlock”, click “by using a key”. Under “the key”, click your key. Click the “Looks Good” button.

Step 9: Set the second puzzle as the winning condition from the puzzle card.

Step 10: Click the Play button on the top of the tool to play through the game.

Step 11: Once you are finished, click the menu icon to the left of World Builder Button and build the project.

You have completed the tutorial! Now you can make your own game!