Week 8

This week was mostly finishing up more prototypes, and coming up with ideas for new prototypes.

Combing our art work with the exercise, we met with our client and showcased our prototypes from last week to them, and got feedback on those ideas.

We created a juicier background story:

In 2020, human being are facing serious problems about energy shortage. Under that circumstance, it is urgent for people to find a new energy to replace the old. Fortunately, in Pittsburgh the water pipe in front of Heinz College broke again. With water flowing on Forbes Avenue, engineers found a piece of a mysterious element that was not from the Earth. Detecting it carefully, we discovered that it was formed by a rare element. Scientists assumed that they could discover more secrets of it, if they found more this kind of element. Now, you’ve got data about┬ádistribution of the element. Please help them show the situation clearly on the map.

That is the first scene of our map design exercise.

Currently, we are still coming up with the following story.


The following weeks will be spring break and GDC, but we will prepare for 1/2 in these days.