Week 11


This week, team ArchiTek continues iterating our story and map design functions.

We met Professor Kurland on Monday. She suggested that we use the data she gave us about fuel in USA. After a short discussion, we decided to use polygon map for map 1, which indicates the distribution of Vx. Then we will use two polygon maps for domestic and public solar energy distribution to make players find an ideal location for Vx factories, because Kristen mentioned that comparing with two polygon maps and finding their relationship is significant. In map3, we will provide players one polygon map about coal and one point map about infant number, and players will decide what the symbols, colors and scales are.


For the story, we add theme decorations at our website. When players go through the story, they can also be aroused by the theme related to energy crisis and earth. We drew new cut scenes about the story and asked Chris Klug for opions. Chris helped us make a clear story line including three points:

What problems are the players trying to solve?

In 2060, the world is in energy crisis. The player is the leader of a special team whose goal is to find new energy source.


How maps are used to solve the problem?

By navigating in US, the player locates and attempts to compound these resources.


What must the player figure out in order to succeed?

There is no time wasting. The player must find a new energy to replace the old ones that are running out.

Finally he emphasized the significance of time pressure, so we may set a time limit or an event that will be activated for certain reasons in next week.


On Saturday, we will conduct another playtest at ETC with a more integrated product, and we have renewed our questionnaire.