Journey of Onions

Week 2

Initial Pitch Process

Using core elements of the games we enjoyed, we created our individual pitch slides. We are trying to come up with a game that we want to play after grabbing few elements of our team’s gaming experience.

We are pitching this idea to our executive producers (advisors) to narrow down our pitch ideas.

Pitch 01 – click to see the slides

This pitch has two genres. First pitch is a combination of Stealth and Battler Royale genre. The goal of the game is to become a hero by gaining the reputation from the AIs while sabotaging other player’s reputation.

Second pitch focuses more on the story setting. Games that the team commonly enjoyed were games like Journey and Inside.

Pitch 02 – click to see the slides

This pitch has three games. The first pitch has a post-apocalyptic setting where people have to farm, hunt, exchange, explore and repeat to expand their living sustainability. This is survival genre combined with Farmville.

The second pitch is a horror genre also has an apocalyptic and survival setting, but in a hospital. The basic gameplay loop resembles the Gone Home, finding multiple evidences to progress the story.

The last pitch shares the similar setting with Outlast. However, the antagonist deal with spiritual ghosts to acknowledge different sins that patience or doctors did.

Pitch 03 – click to see the slides

This VR / PC compatible game pitch has a strongest aesthetics of all. The core emotion is a nostalgic childhood, but is a little different way. The guest has to find a way out from a strange amusement park where everything is like a maze.

Pitch 04 – click to see the slides

This is a setting / aesthetics pitch. Driven from the Great Plague esthetics, this pitch depicts the lonely and creepiness of weird looking masks.

Pitch 05 – click to see the slides

Inspired by Inside, this is also a setting / aesthetics pitch. A person controlling the crowd is the core mechanism / experience of the game

Pitch 06 – click to see the slides

This pitch is a character pitch focusing on the capability of our character / concept artist. This pitch shows what type of character is best for our character artist to work on.

After Initial Pitch...

It is crucial to narrow down our pitch as a team to make everyone on the same page. It was hard for us to pick something and go with it right off the bat because we did not have much time to develop our pitch. We are not sure if we can develop this pitch into a buildable and epic game or is it impossible to build this even though it sounds awesome.

Instead of exploring unanswerable questions and wasting our time, we decided to make ourselves into groups of three to narrow down our six pitches into at least four. It does not matter if we combine our existing ideas or come up with a new one. Our goal is to narrow down our scattered ideas.