Journey of Onions

Week 8

Halves Presentation

Please take your time to look at our halves presentation!

Design Team – Let’s Make a Demo!

Considering our skills and excitement, we are going to create the excerpt of our game first, rather than focusing on a tool set, such as level editor. As we produce the excerpt of the game, we are going to recognize what tools are needed and then create tools spontaneously.

However, we are not going to make a fully polished excerpt since we want to leave much creative space for the next semester team. The design team’s plan is to create a system prototype using only text and simple UIs. This way, we can find an answer to our question:

How can we make our simulation game unique from other games?

We are building simulation part first. It will contain following learnings from our previous prototypes:

  1. Building components with simple UI – Learnings from Prototype 2
  2. Moving around the map to gather up the resources – Learnings from Prototype 3
  3. Zoom in and out to show the scale difference  – Learnings from Prototype 1

Art Team – Research and Create!

The Art team’s major goal for the week is to generate many references as possible for the interior design along with rendering out fortress exterior designs.

Touch Stone & Rough Exterior Sketches
Rough Exterior Design 02

Reference Images for Interior Design

Interior Aesthetics 01
Medical Center
Interior Aesthetics 02
Research Room