Journey of Onions

Week 14

Create and polish!

Concept arts

We are finalizing our pre-production package. However, we found out the importance of concept art that are not important for the game production, but for the marketing. We will now refer to this as a marketing shots. Although our main focus is still model sheets, we created this marketing shots to promote our game better.

Workshop Concept Art

Marketing shots

Character design

We started out as a six possible characters in the game. However, that was out of scope. Furthermore, our design does not require six characters for the best experience.

We need characters / workers in our game to roam around the map to depict the resource gathering process. However, they should have distinct features to stand out from the environment. Also, we need people in the fortress to show the sense of scale of the fortress.

We also need a proper rig to automate the movement. The rig needs to be universal to eliminate additional rigging process.

Environment Design

We need procedural models for the terrain along with shapes of resources. Currently our prototype looks like this:

We created following model sheets for the next semester team, so they can develop the environment properly.

Resource Shapes
Procedural Hexagon Tiles